throw out fifty things: day five

fiftythings50These are the last 10 things for my Throw Out Fifty Things challenge. Whenever I hear declutter experts on tv talk about getting rid of stuff the often mention that people find money while doing so. I’ve always scoffed at the concept and thought “that might work for people with a LOT of stuff, but not me.”

I am officially eating my words.

It turned out that after going through this challenge I got rid of a lot of paper materials: catalogs, magazines, textbooks, business stuff that I didn’t need. Which meant that today’s #44 (magazine holders)  never made it out of the bag because the stuff I was going to put in them, got tossed out! So they go back to Target and $8 goes back into my wallet. Who’da thunk.

My Fifty Things: 41-50

41.  Old camera cords – Don’t Need

42.  Kitchen utensils – Don’t Use

43.  Measuring cups – Don’t Need

44.  Magazine holders – Don’t Need (!!)

45.  Scarves – Don’t Use

46.  Turbo tax 2007 – Don’t Use

47.  Black sweater – Don’t Use

48.  Old instant coffee packets – Don’t Need

49.  Navy dress – Don’t Use

50.  Catalogs and old text books – Don’t Use

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  1. Oh now, that is a brilliant idea! I’m a bit obsessed with counting – I’m always adding up how many things I need to tidy up before my flat is tidy (currently about 1,000)

  2. Jess

    @ Lynne: Awesome! Send me a picture of the 50 things you are throwing out and I will post it on the blog!

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