throw out fifty things: day four

fiftythings40Day four. Yesterday it was great to find that there are people interested in getting some of the nice things I am “passing on” like those vintage clutches. In this batch of Throw Out Fifty Things the only items that haven’t found homes are (37) a batch of two dozen little plastic takeout boxes in light blue (and red, not pictured). They were actually the original packaging for the Lucky In Bed and Silver Lining necklaces. Unlike the box in the photo, the other boxes don’t have stickers and they are adorable for creative projects. So $5 for shipping and I can get them to ya, just let me know.

My Fifty Things: 31-40

31.  2008 planner – Don’t Need

32.  Nail polish – Don’t Use

33.  Flashlight and silly pen – Don’t Use

34.  Fabric scraps – Don’t Need

35.  Sweatshirt – Don’t Use

36.  Panty hose – Don’t Use

37.  Mini takeout boxes – Don’t Need

38.  Black bra – Don’t Love

39.  Sweater – Don’t Love

40.  Slip – Don’t Use

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  1. Jess

    @ Danny: I know, I know. I debated about this for a while. But I realized that if I don’t wear it, it’s not worth taking up precious real estate in my closet.

  2. I’m doing 50 things too! I’ve been on a blog diet this week and am just reading this! We are too funny :). I am loving it sooo much!!! I feel like we should just share a bookshelf!

  3. Okay so I just saw the date and realize that you did this in April –oops, see what a blog diet does to me. I need my daily blog reads back :).

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