throw out fifty things: day three

fiftythings30Here’s the third batch of Throw Out Fifty Things. A few interesting things I hadn’t thought to get rid of were old products from my Mom’s college first aid kit. Expiration date 2004? Pitched.

The two items I will get comments about are the vintage (pleather) clutches. They were my Grandma’s and I have had them for the last four years. Which means I haven’t used them in 1,460 days. I kept them around simply because they were once hers. But when doing this challenge I finally was able to realize that I have lots of things from my Grandma that I use everyday including scarves, jewelry, and even shoes. But these two purses don’t have a place in my life and they aren’t being put to their best use sitting in my chest. So it’s time to find homes for these little pretties. Any takers? Just pay shipping and I’ll send ’em your way. Grandma would like that.

My Fifty Things: 21-30

21.  Red vintage clutch – Don’t Use

22.  White vintage clutch – Don’t Use

23.  Camera case – Don’t Use

24.  Compact mirror – Don’t Use

25.  Expired first aid stuff – Don’t Need

26.  Old key chain/pouch – Don’t Use

27.  Outdated checks – Don’t Need

28.  Pen holder – Don’t Need

29.  Sleeping mask – Don’t Need

30.  Calculator keychain – Don’t Use

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  1. If you’re giving away the clutches I’ll take the white one off your hands for you. It would match my white pleather jacket!

  2. tammy

    i would love to pay a little more than shipping for the clutches.

    i’ve been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now (heart of light) — i’m happy to find this one now, too!

  3. tammy

    oh i thought rachel wrote this post! i’m glad to have found your blog, jess! 🙂

  4. 29 – (eye mask) you may need that, you could add something fun to it – like “GO AWAY” and treat yourself to an at home spa day…! 🙂

  5. Jess

    @ Charmaine and Tammy: Since you two were the first to comment about the clutches I will be chatting with you both to determine who gets which one. 🙂

    @ Tammy: I am glad you love the site :).

    @ PVE: Haha, a clever idea. I actually have a much nicer mask now, this one is a few years old and is in pretty (ok, very) rough condition.

    @ Krista: Sorry about the clutches, keep checking exfoliations and Throw Out Fifty Things and let me know if you see something else you want me to ship you.

  6. Gertie

    after much thinking, I don’t need the clutches anyways. Since I will be moving very soon I think don’t want to add anything to my pile to be put in boxes. I think while packing I may try the “throw away 50 things” challenge, who knows what I will find that I haven’t used!

  7. Jess

    @ Rachel: I already feel better! But the sad thing is there isn’t that much visually that looks different despite the cleanse. Surprising, huh?

    @ Gertie: Great! I am glad that you want to try it :). I am sure it will be easier to move without things you don’t want.

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