throw out fifty things: items 1-28

Okay, time to post my first batch of stuff from my most recent Throw Out 50 Things Challenge! You can see below the items that I no longer need, use or love. I will say that all of these items have been donated, sold, gifted, returned, or thrown out as needed so there isn’t anything that you’ll be able to snag (sorry!).

One thing to note in the challenge as S.E. Minegar commented earlier: multiple items of the same kind count as one thing. So 12 magazines is really “1 magazine(s)” in the 50 thing count. I grouped my items similarly when it comes to boxes, bottles, batteries, etc.


1 through 10

  • 1 – Wire Hanger, don’t need
  • 2 – Luggage Tag, don’t use
  • 3 – I think this is a t-shirt but I’m not really sure, (obviously) don’t use
  • 4 – Tape dispenser, don’t use
  • 5 – Compact, don’t use
  • 6 – Single sock, don’t use
  • 7 – Silk cropped top, don’t use
  • 8 – Travel lotions, don’t need
  • 9 – Purse and shoe bags, don’t need
  • 10 – Dress, don’t use

11 through 17

  • 11 – Lamp shade, don’t need
  • 12 – Ripped jeans, don’t use
  • 13 – Worn out ballet flats, don’t need
  • 14 – Trench coat piece, don’t use
  • 15 – Unneeded shelf, don’t need
  • 16 – Zipper plastic bag, don’t need
  • 17 – Old hat, don’t use

18 through 28

  • 18 – Folder, don’t need
  • 19 – Boxes, don’t use
  • 20 – Old battery, don’t need
  • 21 – Old cds, don’t use
  • 22 – Store loyalty cards, don’t need
  • 23 – Old pens, don’t use
  • 24 – Flower food, don’t use
  • 25 – Measuring spoon holder, don’t need
  • 26 – 2010 calender, don’t need
  • 27 – Pennies, don’t use
  • 28 – Pedometer, don’t use

I’ll be back later to share items 29-50!

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  1. kate.

    You mentioned in your earlier post that you hadn’t read the book yet. I encourage you to check it out. I’m actually currently reading it and working on my own list of 50 things. Blanke talks a lot about not just getting rid of physical stuff but old connections, bad feelings and emotional baggage as well. I have always done periodic purges as part of the battle against becoming my mother. I was skeptical of the non-physical aspects. But, the book got me thinking and I’m in the process of sloughing off a lot more than I anticipated and it feels great.

  2. Sara

    This year I’m starting to put my spare change in a pretty container of some kind (still yet to be decided…) and then taken to the bank at the end of the year! Or used to buy something fun 🙂

    This is such a great idea, but I think my room would look best if I threw out 500 things instead of just 50 🙂

  3. Esme

    Ooo surely you’re not throwing out a cupful of change? Take advice above and donate it! (Same to clothes and anything that could be resold!)

  4. Amy

    I was hoping you could share how much of this is actually donated? Certainly there are people around Chicago that can’t afford to throw out 50 things so often… For me it’s difficult to hear that you challenge yourself to “throw out” so much that could help so many. Maybe the next time around you could encourage MML readers to try a “donate 50 things” challenge? It takes a little more effort to find places for old magazines or office supplies, but donating these things keeps them out of landfills and helps those in need.

  5. Jess

    @ Kelsey, Sara, and Lauren: You are very welcome!

    @ Diane: I actually remember wearing that cropped top with Jake in college, lol.

    @ Yvonne: Thank you so much for sharing that awesome change organization! That is so cool!

    @ Kate: Thanks so much for letting me know how good the book is! I’ll add it to my suggested reading list :).

    @ Esme: Nope, don’t worry, the cup full of change did not get thrown away. As I mentioned, everything was taken care of and either donated (aka: thrifted), gifted, returned, and otherwise dealt with appropriately.

    @ Amy: Thanks so much for asking about donations! In the post I used the word Thrifted instead of donated (which is now fixed), but the items like clothing or furniture that had a great life left in them were certainly donated – the challenge and the book it is based on is titled “Throw Out 50 Things” and so I used that term, but obviously only a very small percentage of stuff was actually recycled or trashed as needed. I certainly love your idea of a Donate 50 Things challenge, what a great concept!

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