TLS #58: using values to thrive in work & family with tina roth eisenberg (tattly & creative mornings)


Today I’m kicking off the 2015 Lively Show guest episodes with Tina Roth Eisenberg!

Tina is a designer, blogger, keynote speaker, and founder of:

Tattly – A temporary tatttoo shop in Brooklyn that I work with to produce the intention tattoos.

Creative Mornings – A monthly worldwide lecture series.

TeuxDeux – My very favorite to-do app ever.

Swissmiss – Her popular design blog.

In the show, we talk about how Tina uses her Values to design her businesses and her interactions with her family.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to get inspired to live from Values in their lives, or want to hear an very humble woman share her amazing journey.


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  • Tina’s advice for those waiting for the right time to start a new chapter like starting a passion project, business, or having a child.
  • How Tina manages her many businesses.
  • The unlikely spark that started Tattly, Tina’s temporary tattoo company.
  • How Tina balances her career and her time with her children.
  • The impact that having a working mom had on Tina.
  • Why Tina believes businesses should always begin as labors of love.
  • Tina has four major Values for her life and businesses and she shares how she designs her businesses and life around them.
  • Examples of how Tina lives her Values with her children.
  • Why Tina consults her children about the things and asks for feedback.
  • How Tina defines success.
  • How Tina handles opportunities and choices that scare her.
  • What Tina would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




Life With Intention Online Intention Setting Mini Series 

Tina’s blog, Swissmiss


Creative Mornings


Watch Tina’s talks here

Life With Intention Online

Tina’s SXSW talk about values

Intention Tattoos

The Double Rainbow videos – Original Double Rainbow video / Double Rainbow Song

Kitchen Surfing






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PS – The Life With Intention Online Mini Series is now live and only available for a short time! Sign up to get the free training here.


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  1. Sara Hamling

    YAY TINA! As a designer, this was the perfect way to kick off 2015—with my favorite blogger being amazing once again.

    Just started listening to your podcasts after googling “intentions” at the beginning of the new year (so like literally a week ago). Over the last few years, without having gone through any real process, I actually have already created these Values based intentions for myself and corresponding goals in pretty much the exact way you describe in your podcasts. It was almost comical when you described it—I was like, wait, that’s what I do! I always knew that goals needed to be able to shift and morph, but that the reasons you were doing them were going to remain steady so long as your essential person remained the same.

    Though she doesn’t talk about Values/goals like this, reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project really started these thoughts in my mind about 4 years ago. So, I’m really happy to find that same kind of thinking in a much more structured form here. Glad to have found the podcasts. Also, I’m an ENFJ so we’re probably #besties.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show and found it this year. That’s amazing.

      It’s also great to hear that you are living from your Values, Sara. Amazing!

      I also like The Happiness Project and can’t believe you’re an ENFJ, too.

      As my friend Michelle Ward likes to say, Amazeballs! : )

  2. Shannon

    At about the 16 min mark I yelled out loud to myself, in the car, “I didn’t come here for the pennies!!” — haha! Yay! Love this one.

    1. I love it! I can just picture that and it makes me smile. : )

      Kind of like the Cuba Gooding Junior quote “Show me the money!”

  3. Oh, my gosh. This was GREAT.

    This blog window has been sitting open on my desktop for days… I’m such a fan of ‘swiss-miss’, I didn’t want to listen until I could give it my full attention. So glad I waited. I just LOVED this episode. Or whatever these are called. I was looking forward to learning more about her, and knew it would be fun hearing you two together.

    Great questions. Thoughtful, fun answers. Seriously charming + invigorating. (I’ll probably listen to it AGAIN next week!)

    1. I’m so glad you liked it so much, Hun!! : ) I hope you enjoy it when/if you listen again, too.

      Stay warm in Chicago!

  4. This was an awesome show! Thank you both so much! I live by the direction of my gut and what gives me creative joy and I love hearing some support for that (versus the bottom line) because I feel it is too indulgent. But I still believe that working from the heart will lead to a large return from the universe!

  5. Jessie Reagen

    I’m so behind, but I just have to share that this episode is one of my absolute favorites. As a graphic designer/art director, I completely relate to Tina’s life, work and approach. I would love to have coffee with her and pick her brain, but this is a wonderful close second :o)

    Thank you so much for your inspiring interviews, Jess. I wish I could give you a huge hug (and a coffee date for that matter) to thank you for the positive impact you bring to my life!

    1. That’s so great to hear, Jessie! I’m glad you enjoyed hearing from Tina and relating to her experiences.

      Also, consider your hug received! I’m sending one right back at ya. : )

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