TLS #367: Flow Diaries + Jess’ Official Transition to Bella


Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show. This is a very special episode, and perhaps one you all have been waiting for… Jess officially announces that she is Bella now. How amazing is that?! 
In this episode, she shares her flow diaries and how she has slowly eased out of her “Travel Jess identity to fully embracing Bella. She recounts her past experiences in London, Lisbon, Michigan, and Australia and how she has slowly shed her past experiences so she can fully live in her NOW. 
What Jess’ discusses:
0:00 – Intro
1:59 – Announcements
8:33 – Where did Flow Diaries start?
11:14 – Jess’ realization with her past relationships — friendly and romantically
17:01 – How Jess started thriving on her own after her break up
18:44 – Jess’ move to Lisbon and how she helped her old self
24:00 – Transitioning from “Travel Jess to Bella
33:35 – Jess’ stay in Michigan
40:31 – Jess’ move to Australia and her flow experience during her flight
46:52 – Jess wrapping up things in Sydney
51:07 – Jess’ flow experience in the AirBnb that she stayed in

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