TLS #312 – Why Fear Can Be So Addictive with The Collective

Oh. My. Goodness. This interview, of ALLLL the interviews I’ve ever done, has transformed my life and perception of this reality the most.

I’m interviewing a group of non-physical teachers that refer to themselves as the Collective. I first met the Collective a few months ago when Annie Francoeur (a TLS listener from Quebec, Canada), did a deep inner voice session with me. During the session, Annie began channeling the Collective and their energy and wisdom blew us both away!

In today’s chat with the Collective we discuss questions we’ve never covered on the show about the nature of shared wisdom, trauma, and the ways human consciousness is connected. They also discuss climate change, the future of humanity, what I’m tapping into when I speak from my inner voice, and how they relate to Abraham, the entity many of us are most familiar with.

We explore what enlightenment really is and dive deep into a question that’s on many people’s minds these days: why are so many humans so afraid, and how do we not be?

Let’s go to the show. : ) 








Abraham Hicks

Eckhart Tolle

Byron Katie





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