TLS #313: How To Drop Your Limits with The Collective

This week, we’re back with another incredible talk with the group of non-physical teachers known as the Collective. In this episode, the “woman behind the channeling,” Annie Francoeur, shares how the teachers came into her life experience.

When we dive into our conversation with the Collective, we explore why people experience nagging “unexplained” fears, and how to move through them. We dig into how to stop questioning whether we’re enough, how to drop our perceived limitations, and the meaning behind our physical aches and pains.

We also discuss how to allow higher consciousness into your own life, and how it can transform the way your daily experiences unfold. The Collective describes how life in our society could evolve as more humans tap into the collective pool of shared wisdom. As they put it, “when consciousness reaches a certain point, it’s going to be unstoppable.” We know so much more than we realize!

Let’s go to the show. : ) 








Abraham Hicks

Crimson Circle

Eckhart Tolle

Dr. Joe Dispenza






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