TLS #316: The Simple Choice You Can Make To Create More Flow

In this week’s chat with the nonphysical entity known as the Collective (channeled through the wonderful Annie Francoeur), we’re talking about two powerful things: alchemy and the power of choice. Why do we stay stuck when we really want to move forward? And what actions can we take to allow for more manifestations to flow into our lives?

We discuss why humans sometimes stay in situations that don’t feel good, and how we can drop some of the fears that keep us feeling trapped. We explore the deeper meaning of alchemy, and some clear steps we can take to make room for unexpected positive changes in our lives.

The Collective also shares what we need to know about manifesting physical health, and why it can be so hard for humans to trust in the unknown. If you’ve ever struggled to ditch an unhappy situation or make a big leap, this episode is for you. 

Let’s go to the show. : ) 









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