TLS #317 – What Is The Essence Of Creation, And How To Use It with The Collective

We’ve got a new episode with the Collective (a nonphysical entity channeled through Annie Francoeur), and it just might be my favorite conversation with them yet! In this episode, we’re covering a big topic: the essence of creation, and the differences between creation and consciousness. The Collective explains where our thoughts come from and how we can use them to shape our experience on a deeper level than ever before.

We explore the difference between desires from our inner voice vs. desires from the ego, and the reasons why some manifestations just don’t seem to want to show up. We dig into one of humans’ favorite habits – overthinking – and chat about how we can slow down the mind for more ease in manifesting.

The Collective also shares insight into the work of Joe Dispenza, the ways physical healing works, and the two types of resistance that can stand in the way of the most manifestations. We also chat about why living in the present is such a joyful experience. I can’t wait to share this one with you!

Let’s go to the show 🙂








Abraham Hicks

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Burning Man


Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now





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