TLS #318 – Why We Don’t Need To Rush & Communication After Death with The Bud, Part 1

We’ve got another channeled episode for you today on TLS! We’re sharing Part One of a two-part series based on a client session with Clotilde Dusoulier, a Paris-based life coach who has an incredible gift for channeling. With Clotilde’s help, we talk with the Bud, a group of nonphysical entities who call themselves a “board of advisors.”

We chat with the Bud about why so many humans feel impatient and want to rush into our goals before the time is right. If you’ve ever “forced” your way upstream into a big life transition before you really felt ready, you’ll know exactly how this feels – and you’ll definitely want to hear the Bud’s take on it. We talk about how to know when you’re making a decision from true alignment versus you think you’re “supposed” to do, and how to release resistance on your way to your goals.

Later into the session, we also make an unexpected and moving discovery about Clotilde’s late father. Along the way, the Bud helps us better understand how to communicate with loved ones after death, and how to find purpose in our current reality. And that’s all just in Part One!








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