TLS #319 – Why We Don’t Need To Rush & Communication After Death with The Bud, Part 2

We’re back with Part Two of our client session with the Bud, a group of nonphysical entities channeled through the wonderful Clotilde Dusoulier. In this part of the session, we’re delving deep into trust, the purpose of the human experience, and how to stay aligned while seeking out your dreams.

Today, the Bud explains how to sit back and trust when we’re tempted to rush into the things we want. We also discuss how to recognize signs of when it’s time to move forward full speed ahead versus when it’s time to relax and let things come to us. If you’ve ever wondered how to feel joyful in the face of uncertainty, this one will majorly resonate with you.

The Bud also shares some insight into what souls experience when they transition into the nonphysical after death, and explains how the journey of life looks from their point of view. They even offer some wisdom on how to stop doubting yourself and your capabilities. After all, as they put it, “we are called the Bud because we have the potential, and you just have to do the blooming.”








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