TLS #320: How To Make Peace With “Shoulds” with The Collective

Today we have another wonderful chat with the nonphysical entity known as the Collective, channeled through Annie Francoeur! This week, we’re talking all about dropping resistance, with tips on getting into receiving mode and feeling more connected to the deeper layers of who we are.

We discuss how releasing blocks can impact your life experience, what happens in moments when you’re feeling contrast, and how to invite “buckets of peace” into your day for greater alignment. We explore how to dive deeper into our own potential as creators, and how we can find the answers we need within.

The Collective also shares a powerful perspective on exercising from a place of joy versus forcing ourselves, something just about every human can relate to. If you’ve ever felt conflicted over something you’re not aligned with but feel like you “should” do, this episode will resonate!








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