TLS #321: How To Process Anxiety, Climate Change, Tiredness & Chaos with The Collective

This week we are back with the wonderful Collective, a group of nonphysical entities channeled by Annie Francoeur! We tackle some big topics, like the shared emotions created by climate change and unpredictable current events. If you’ve felt extra tired or wound up lately, you’re not the only one! The Collective explains where those feelings are coming from, and why the world feels so chaotic right now. With the holidays, a new decade just around the corner, and natural events like massive bushfires and forest fires, there are a lot of emotions to explore.

They guide us through processing shared anxiety and exhaustion, and how to determine the difference between stress from our own experience vs. stress we’ve picked up from others.

The Collective also dives a bit deeper into how we can show love to the earth in the face of climate change, and how traveling to different cities and cultures can impact our vibration. We learn some powerful lessons about the importance of listening to your body, even when your mind is telling you a story that encourages you to resist. The Collective even has some tips on how to flow your way through days when you’re exhausted but simply don’t have the time to sleep. If our current reality has you feeling out of sorts, you’ll want to give this one a listen!




Beyond the Known by Paul Selig

Abraham Hicks

Eckhart Tolle






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