TLS #324: Q&A: Aligned Eating, Letting Go Of Money Fears, & An Update On My Eyesight

So many of you mentioned that last week’s Q&A was aligning for you, so I’m back with another! This time, we’re talking about topics that take center stage in many minds, like money, eating, and making big decisions. I also have an update on my experiment in healing my eyesight.

In this Q&A, I share my personal journey with letting go of money fears, from the early days of my career to today, and how I generate income while following flow. I explain my thoughts on debt, and how to know if a purchase is aligned.

We explore the stories we tell ourselves about food, and how my own perspective on food limitations has evolved over different phases of my life. We also cover questions on what to do when your mind is afraid of a big life shift, and how to handle mistakes you regret. I even share some fun little tidbits about my crystal collection, how I’m finding alignment with everyday objects, and how to introduce kids to the law of attraction.

Let’s go to the show. : ) 









  • Do you have any tips when your inner voice seems vague or blocks answers to the big questions?

  • How do you let go of regrets of saying the wrong thing to someone or letting personal feeling or ego get effect personal decisions?

  • What are good resources for learning about high vibration foods?

  • What crystals are you feeling the most?

  • How did you get past money fears?

  • How do you find flow when moving around a lot?

  • How is your eyesight now?

  • What is the leading edge to your evolution currently?

  • What is your approach on eating?




Eckhart Tolle

Abraham Hicks

Alisa Vitti

Law of Attraction





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