TLS #326: What I Do When I “Work” To Find Alignment & Inspired Actions

How do you know when it’s time to take inspired action? In this week’s episode, I’m answering this question through the lens of my latest habits with alignment, action, and “work.” I’ll be guiding you through one thing I’ve been doing a lot lately to get into alignment – and it’s something most of you could easily fit into your own workday!

This habit was inspired by advice I received in the hot seat on the Abraham Hicks cruise last year. I’ll explain how it works for me, and how it helps me reach more powerful results with less action. I’ll also describe what my typical workday is like these days, and why I ditched to-do lists.

This ritual should help you get a better idea of what an impulse toward inspired action feels like, and how different that feels compared to an urge to take action from the mind. If you’ve ever struggled with whether your inner voice is telling you to rest or leap forward into motion, this episode is for you!

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