TLS #328: Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, & Whether We “Need” Ancient Modalities with The Collective

In this week’s episode, we’re back with the Collective, channeled through Annie Francoeur! We’re talking about modern uses of ancient modalities like astrology, yoga, sacred geometry, meditation, and crystals. (And YES, we’re discussing mercury retrograde!) With so many of these teachings booming in popularity, it’s a topic I’m really excited to hear the Collective’s take on.

In this chat, the Collective explains how these modalities first came into humans’ lives, and the different ways they served us hundreds of years ago vs. how they serve us today. We take a look at yoga’s role in our connection to flow and energy, and the Collective answers some of my personal questions about astrology. We explore how things like astrological charts and crystals fit into modern life, and what kind of role we should give them in how we see the world. We also explore “mind knowing” vs. “soul knowing,” and even touch on psychedelics!

Then, we dive into a biggie: mercury retrograde! The Collective explains how much awareness we should be giving to retrograde, whether we can flow beyond it, and how minds sometimes use it to hold themselves back. The episode also offers insight on why meditation is so helpful in today’s world, and how it can help us access connection and consciousness.











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