TLS #330: Q&A: Healing From Breakups, Flowing Through Debt, & Knowing When To Take Inspired Action

In this week’s episode, we’ve got another Q&A! I’m answering questions about breakups, emotional bean bags, and how to manifest your preferences.

We’re also covering student debt, illness, and why I sometimes “thank” my physical pain. We dive into why the mind judges others, and how to handle that judgment. If you’ve had conflict in your life lately, this episode is for you: I share how I handle disagreements with others over my choices. Another thing I share in this episode is when (and if!) it’s time to take action on a dream or a plan. I can’t wait to share it with you.

​Let’s go to the show. : )​







  • Do you ever feel stuck and how do you remedy that?

  • Is there any news on the inner voice certification?

  • When do you actually work and what do you do?

  • What does your current alignment look like

  • Why have any preferences when our kids creates resistance to preferences?

  • What does the emotional “bean bags” being released and allowed actually look like in real life?

  • What would you envision for yourself if you were to pre-pave your life, Abraham style, for the next ten years.

  • How do you know if you’re listening to your inner voice?

  • How does your inner voice guide you through illness, sickness, fear, etc?

  • How can I talk to my inner voice about my student loan debt?

  • Have you ever used a pendulum for decision making?

  • How do you truly withhold judgement and embrace others who you have to work with but have conflicting values?

  • How do you deal with people interpreting your actions as selfish when following your alignment?

  • Have you ever been, or intend to, visit the west coast of Australia, or are you focused on Sydney?

  • What do you do when you know and feel the greater opportunity is there, however you are not in alignment

  • How can we get the mind to let go of a romantic relationship that didn’t work out?




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