TLS #331: How To Tap Into Your Inner Sense Of Peace During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Friends, I am so excited to share this week’s episode with you! Like so many of you, the mind in me has experienced all kinds of ups and downs as we face this pandemic. So today, I’m sharing a way to access the well of calm and wisdom that is within all of us. In this “interactive episode” of sorts, I’ll give you some questions to ask your inner voice about how to handle this global situation.

There is an overload of advice and information out there. So today I want you to take a moment to get some advice directly FROM you, FOR you, about which actions are best for YOU in order to both protect others and care for yourself.

In times like this, it becomes especially clear that we are all connected. Even if you’re not ready to ask your inner voice about the pandemic just yet, this episode is a great way to tune out some of the anxiety around us and get centered. I can’t wait for you to hear this one. Remember, we’re all in this together.








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