TLS #332: Why There Are So Many Different Opinions On The Coronavirus Pandemic, How You Can Uniquely Help Those Suffering, & What To Know About Fear

Hello my friends! In this episode, I’m sharing the most powerful lesson I’ve learned about approaching this uncertain time on the planet. I checked in with both spiritual teachers and dozens of friends around the world about the pandemic, and one big truth stood out among all of them. Today, I’m sharing that truth with you in hopes that it will help you step beyond the mind during this experience.

I’m touching on how you can help ease suffering in your own uniquely aligned way, and explaining the ways that we are all connected to each other. I also dive into some insights I’ve picked up about fear that might help you through this time. I’ve also got a few updates for you about exciting things going on with Team Lively. I can’t wait to share it with you!







Eckhart Tolle

Abraham Hicks

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