TLS #333: The Show About Death with The Collective

Friends, in this episode, we are going THERE: we’re talking all about death. Today the Collective, the nonphysical entity channeled by Annie Francoeur, is offering their unique wisdom on what happens when we die, and why humans are so afraid of it. In this conversation, the Collective gives us a peek at some of the truths we should know about death, and how acknowledging that our time on earth is limited can lead us to a much more fulfilling experience.

The Collective also explains how to process the coronavirus pandemic, a time where we are seeing more death at once then we’re used to – and how to use this period of uncertainty to grow. We share some helpful metaphors to make it easier to understand the process of transitioning into death, and explore how to explain it to young people. The Collective also explains who our “committee” is (you’ll love it), what death has to do with roller coasters, and how to honor the lives of late loved ones.

If you’re experiencing extra anxiety right now, I hope this episode gives you a sense of peace.







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