LS#334: Q+A: “Slow” Manifestations, Inner Selfies, Overcoming Skin/Food Sensitivities, & Lady Butts

This week’s episode of TLS is a Q&A. I’m answering several questions about the inner voice and diving into a series of personal stories I’ve never shared on the show before.

We’re talking about “inner selfies” after years of resistance to taking my own picture, singing, and what my mind has to say about lady butts. (Yep, really!) I also offer up some more in-depth stories about my experience moving beyond food sensitivity and skin issues.

I touch on why the mind sometimes wants to dissociate and judge others, especially in times of stress, and I share an experience from my teenage years that forever changed my priorities.

I also share my take on “slow” manifestations that take longer to flow, and the potential positives of that experience. I hope this episode gives you a smile!

​Let’s go to the show. : )​










  • When you are talking to your inner voice and don’t hear an answer, is it because you are not ready to hear an answer or a mental block?

  • Is it ok to hear yes or no responses when talking to your inner voice?

  • What role does your mind play in your life?

  • What’s the difference between detachment and traumatic dissociated detachment?

  • Now that you’re used to living in flow, is there anything your mind still resists?

  • What questions do you ask your inner voice when you feel nervous?

  • How can we learn to lean on and rely on our inner voice instead of fear in these scary times?

  • How do you change your story and vibes on your food sensitivity?

  • What do you delight in most?

  • How is something that is supposed to happen or flow in your life may differ from something you sent to attract?







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