TLS #336: How To Shed Family Patterns, Why We Have Addictions, & How To Release Ourselves From Them with The Collective

This week we’re back with the Collective, channeled by Annie Francoeur! Today the Collective is helping us sort through the patterns and habits we get “stuck” in – and how to flow beyond them. We talk about how deep-rooted patterns can take shape within families, and how the mind’s tendency to be judgmental can relate to that.

We also cover addictive and obsessive habits around things like food, drinking, online shopping, or whatever the addiction might be for you. (I know lots of humans are struggling with this during this locked-down phase of life!) If you happened to see my stories this week, you know I’ve been reflecting on my own 9-year experience with eating issues, and what it meant for me to finally release those issues a few years ago. This topic is coming up for me a lot lately, so I hope that delving into this might help you with any similar experiences you’re having.

If you’re in the same boat I was, you’ll definitely want to hear the Collective’s insight. They clarify how to acknowledge the pattern, how you likely picked it up, and to drop your resistance around it. Why do we take on certain roles within our families? Why does the mind create limiting narratives about the type of person we “have” to be? Why does the mind forget that we’re never unloved or alone? It’s all covered in this episode. I can’t wait for you to hear it!












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