TLS #341: Why I’ve Been Quiet, Why I’m Going Inward, And What’s Next For The Lively Show

Hello my friends! This week I’m catching you up on where I’ve been – and on what’s coming next. I’ve been quiet on Instagram lately, and in this episode, I’ll explain a bit more about why. I’ll discuss how it feels to go deeply inward, what it feels to shed traits that you thought you “had” to have, and what’s been going through my mind these days.

I also want to especially highlight in this episode that no matter what happens in this world – especially as we experience such an intense year – you can always turn to your inner voice for guidance on how to heal and help others. So I’m sharing a few refresher tips on how to tap into that infinite wisdom. 

Whether we talk again next week, next month, or next year, may something wonderful happen to you today. 🙂






Eckhart Tolle