TLS #342: I’m Back! Where I’m Living Now and What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Welcome back to the Lively Show. This is Chelsea here, the new producer of the podcast! I’m excited to be here with Jess bringing you season seven…or is it season eight? Or, maybe it’s season six? Jess has lost track! But whatever season it is, we are here in the now and she’s back bringing you brand-new episodes. Woohoo!

But, this season will be different than before…This season of the podcast is going to align with the season of life Jess is currently in. She’s living in Portugal and loves the ebb and flow that has come along with it. Which means, the podcast is going to ebb and flow, too! Episodes will release when she feels inspired, and also, they will simply be a casual chat about life. Life feels too serious these days, so let’s keep it light and fun! 

In this episode, Jess gets you up to speed on everything that is happening in her life and within the Lively community! But, the most exciting thing she shares is the official launch of the Lively Community app. Say what?! That’s right, we have launched a free app just for the Lively community. You can think about it like a hybrid between Facebook and Instagram. It’s essentially our living room for us to connect. There are different threads and groups for you to join to discuss the topics you’re most interested in with other people within the Lively community who are just as interested as you are!

The Lively team truly believes this is the one thing we have been missing. I know many of us may not have other friends or family who we can connect with on the things we’re most passionate about, right? And the team knows from seeing you all connect at live events that you truly thrive when you’re together. So now, you can head over to the App Store on any mobile device and get connected with the rest of the community now!

Much love,

Chelsea, Jess & the Lively Team