TLS #344: The Collective Is Back!

Welcome to episode 344 of The Lively Show! And guess what? The Collective is back!

In this episode, Jess is joined by Annie Francouer where the two speak as the Collective answering questions sent by the Coco community (which the fourth round will be launching on January 13th!). Annie was initially an inner-voice client of Jess’s and all of a sudden, during an Inner Voice session, the Collective appeared through her. How amazing is that?!

But wait…what is the collective? It’s a group of non-physical entities channeled by Annie! And the questions asked and answered in this episode revolve around human design, going beyond our framework, and of course, the inner voice.

My personal favorite part of the episode was Annie discussing the importance of feeling still and putting ourselves in the Creator’s shoes. She hit home when she said every single human being has the potential to see and think for themselves and to chose love over fear.

P.S. The questions were submitted by the community in the Lively Community App so don’t forget to join now! Available through the app store on any mobile device 🙂

What we discuss:

[05:54] What does the collective think of Human Design?

[08:53] Using human design effectively and ineffectively

[16:40] What to expect in 2021

[20:46] The Collective’s expectation for mass consciousness this year

[25:16] Finding purpose and meaning

[28:19] Does the Inner Voice have an Inner Voice?

[31:31] Does consciousness exist or manifest as multiple dimensions?

[38:40] How do we learn to trust our hearts and inner voice?

[40:48] Do souls need to be healed?

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