TLS #345: Q+A: Manifesting Clear Eyesight + Body, Re-Visiting Old Patterns Anew & Podcasting Advice



Welcome back to the Lively Show! It’s Chelsea here, the producer of the podcast and I’m excited to share with you the ins and outs of episode 345 with Jess!

In this episode, Jess answers 6 of the 36 questions received from all of you amazing souls within the Lively Community App!

A few questions Jess answers touch on choosing between high-paying jobs vs. loving what you do, re-visiting old patterns after doing the inner-work and how to listen to our inner voice instead of our ego.

My personal favorite is when Jess addresses the question of “what should I study in University if I want to make money?”. She gives a different perspective on why we may be following the path of “more money” in our lives.

In fact, we are actually trying to manifest something much larger than that, as money tends to flow once we find our “why”. But what is the best way to find our “why”? As Jess says, allowing ourselves to indulge in the blessed gift of living in the unknown and following our intuitions will result in our “why” coming to us. 

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What we discuss:

[00:59] Updates on our community

[05:48] Q1: The journey of manifesting the dream body experience

[21:59] Q2: High-paying jobs Vs loving what you do

[32:23] Q3: Visiting old patterns post inner-work

[36:10] Q4: Listening to our inner voice Vs our ego

[50:28] Q5: Advice on how to start a podcast

[51:16] Q6: Updates on Jess’ eyesight after trying to correct it without glasses