TLS #346: Q&A: Flow in My Daily Life, Handling Romantic Rejection, Two Manifesting Methods + Mind vs. Inner Voice


Hello and welcome to episode 346 of the Lively Show with Jess. I’m Chelsea, the podcast producer, and let me tell you, this episode is one you don’t want to miss! Jess brings you another Q&A edition of the podcast where she answers questions mostly related to releasing blocks and resistance.
As you know, Jess speaks a lot about following our inner voice, right? Well, in this episode, a community member brought up an amazing point: How do we know the difference between our inner voice and our thinking mind? As well as, when do we draw the line between  surrendering to something crappy vs. striving for what we deserve? And, are we genuinely waiting for the right opportunity to flow, or are we procrastinating due to our ego and fear of failure?
Tune into the entire episode to find out!
The Questions Jess Answers in the Episode: 
1:23 – Community updates inside the Lively Community App available in the app store on all mobile devices
3:34 –  Q1: How was Jess’s experience of finding coaching clients different (before vs. after living in flow)?
17:57 – Q2: What are Jess’s thoughts on seasonal depression and flowing through dark emotional seasons?
22:44 – Q3: What is the best way to release blocks and resistance to things you’d like to manifest?
23:37 – Q4: How do you know it’s the authentic inner voice and not just the thinking mind?
25:40 – Q5: What was Jess’s mental process of healing a wart?
31:13 – Q6: What’s Jess’s daily life like in Portugal: community and leisure?  
38:21 – Q7: How does Jess use manifestation to attract business opportunities and social connections?
52:21 – Q8: What advice does Jess have for someone that is about to start a podcast?
52:52 – Q9: As Jess released old belief patterns or blocks, was there a change on what turned her on?
55:24 – Q10: Am I genuinely waiting for the right opportunity to flow, or am I procrastinating due to my ego and fear of failure?
57:06 – Q11: Thoughts on bean bags and methods to release them?
58:23 – Q12: What is the best way of coping with dating and the feeling of rejection?   
1:06:10] Q13: When do you draw the line between  surrendering to something crappy vs. striving for what you deserve?
1:12:41 – With Jess’s present knowledge of flow and intuition, what would Jess tell her 19 year-old college self and what would she do differently?