TLS #350: Q+A: Knowing When You Are in Flow, My Current Alignment Time + Starting Over with IV

Welcome back to the Lively Show! It’s Chelsea here, the producer of the podcast and I’m excited to share with you the ins and outs of episode 350 with Jess!

In this episode, Jess answers 19 more questions that she received from all of you amazing souls withinthe Lively Community App!

A few questions Jess answers touch on are how do we know we really are in flow, what she is currently reading, what it’s like to be traveling during the age of COVID,  how she is feeling after releasing the bean bags, and so much more.

My personal favourite is when Jess discusses which questions we should be asking our inner voice when we think we are ready to start a business, or for pretty much any other question we may have. She brilliantly explains that if your inner voice is not guiding you towards it yet, then it means that it’s not time for it, yet. In other words, when the inner voice wants it, it will make it clear to you. You just have to be ready and open for the conversation.

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What’s discussed in this episode…

00:40: Updates on the IVFT and the IBT

04:09: Q1: How has Jess’s channel, health, and wellbeing shifted since releasing all those bean bags?

07:01: Q2: How do you know you are really in flow?                        

08:34: Q3: How does Jess’s channel her Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo in her podcast episodes?                

12:13: Q4: What does alignment look like for Jess these days?             

22:23: Q5: What are Jess’s thoughts on the Akashic Records?   

24:17: Q6: Jess’ advice for someone who’s releasing bean bags but dealing with bad emotions       

24:41: Q7: What questions would you ask your IV when wanting to pursue a new business idea?        

28:13: Q8: What is the motivation to shift more into the IV on a daily basis?                

33:28: Q9: Does Jess’ mind still get attached to desires and get stressed out?                                        

35:16: Q10: What’s Jess’ favourite thing to eat these days?            

36:02: Q11: What is a typical day for Jess when she’s not running a course?        

37:13: Q12: How would Jess use her IV to start over?     

38:34: Q13: How does Jess travel with such financial freedom?                 

41:33: Q14: What is Jess currently reading?                   

42:15: Q15: How is it like to travel in the age of Corona?            

49:04: Q16: What are Jess’s go-to ways to let go and surrender?                        

50:30: Q17: What is your human design?                

55:32: Q18: Can Jess talk about the experience of being in other realms?        

57:06: Q19: Can we hear about Belize?