TLS #352: Q&A: Expanding Abundance, Cultivating Compassion, Dealing with Loneliness, and Time to Leave a Job?

Welcome back to the Lively Show! It’s Chelsea here, the producer of the podcast and I’m excited to share with you the ins and outs of episode 352 with Jess!

In this episode, Jess answers 8 questions that she received from all of you amazing souls within the Lively Community App!

A few questions Jess answers touch on are how do we bounce back from a slump, what to do when you are afraid of the life you manifested for yourself, her suggestions for journal prompts, and so much more.

My personal favorite is when Jess discusses the two different sides of the time pendulum. When she was starting her business, she often felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of work she had to do and wished that she had more time. But on the other side of the pendulum, once her business was set and she was able to travel the world for years on end, she then faced the fear of having too much free time. This contrast between both pendulums and her experience with it allowed her to have a realization about time: it is an aspect of her own energy serving her and her own life experience.

Here are the questions that Jess answers…

14:00 – When you find yourself in a slump, how do you bounce back?

18:30 – How do you develop more compassion in your life? 

26:00 – What do you do to trust your inner voice about quitting a stable job to launch your own business that isn’t yet producing enough revenue to support it all?

30:00 – Do you have any suggestions for inner voice journal prompts?

32:00 – Do you experience loneliness and if so, how do you deal with those feelings?

34:00 – I have manifested the life of my dreams and I’m almost scared of it, how do I work through those feelings? 

36:00 – What are your thoughts on writing a letter to your inner voice when intoxicated? 

37:00 – How do you tap into your intuition in your day-to-day life?

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