TLS #353: Q&A: Activities for Alignment, Facing Feelings of Doubt, Dealing with Boredom, and Believing in Karma

Welcome back to the Lively Show! It’s Chelsea here, the producer of the podcast and I’m excited to share with you the ins and outs of episode 353 with Jess!

In this episode, Jess answers 15 questions that she received from all of you amazing souls within the Lively Community App!

A few questions Jess answers touch on are what to do when your mind is resisting your inner voice,  what is boredom exactly and how you can deal with it, what to do when you feel doubt creeping in, and so much more! 

My personal favorite is when Jess discusses how you can stay patient and keep faith when you are starting to doubt whatever is supposed to happen next.  Over time, as you make the conscious decision to be patient and trust you will see the outcome flow into your life, you are slowly building your patience for the next time you need it. As things finally flow to you, in their right time,  and as they come in building upon each other, this creates a repertoire for your mind to look back into.  This repertoire, you can always look back to it to remind yourself that everything always ends up working out, and provides you with the reassurance you might need to hold faith the next time. So if you are feeling any sort of doubt right now, look back at those times. 

Here are the questions that Jess answers…

00:20- What Jess has been up to recently

05:53- When you have an emotional bean bag that is hard to release, what do you do?

09:07- What are the key indicators of what would be a great Airbnb property?

10:31- What have you been up to?

12:07- What is your favorite aligning activity at the moment?

13:48- What do you do when you have doubt and don’t know what’s next? How do you keep patience and faith that things will happen at the right and exact time?

17:01- What’s your inner voice’s favorite thing to do at the moment?

17:21- What do you do when your mind is blocking or resisting your inner voice or intuition?

22:48- How’s property buying going in Portugal?

24:28- Any comments or insight on carrying the peace and self-worth found in the world of relationships?

28:27- How can you bridge the gap between the physical world and the connection with the world beyond?

30:44- What advice can you give when you know you are meant for big things, yet you have no idea what those big things are yet?

34:20- Any experiences or tips for boredom?

39:13- How did you come up with the process of Inner Voice Session?

42:02:  What your inner voice says about climate change?

43:00- How to take next action steps in your life for abundance

48:39- Do you believe in Karma?

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