TLS #354: How I use my Inner Voice When I’m Super Worried or Upset About Something

Welcome back to the Lively Show with Jess! It’s been a hot minute since her last episode as she needed space for her own personal growth (always needed!). As you’ll learn in this episode, a meaningful relationship she was in just ended.

After spending lots of time with her inner voice, Jess is ready to share what she has been going through with us. She gets vulnerable and intimate with us by sharing a recording of some inner voice dialogue she has had with herself recently about this relationship that was giving her turmoil.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to speak with your inner voice, this episode is for you to find out! The first 13 minutes of the episode is Jess giving you a breakdown of the dialogue and at 13:30 you get to share this personal experience Jess had with her inner voice. Are you ready?!