TLS #355: Q&A: How to Handle the Vaccine, My Vision for My Life & My Theory on How Releasing Bean Bags Changes the Neuroplasticity of Our Brains

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Lively Show! After Jess’s previous episode on sharing my personal inner voice experience (which was extremely deep!), to say she had a lot of messages with questions is an understatement. That’s why, she thought it was time for a much-need Q&A! She actually answers 13 questions in this episode, including her thoughts on other people’s opinions on the vaccine, her advice on using your inner voice in the workplace, her theory on how releasing bean bags changes the neuroplasticity of our brains, whether or not she ever plans anything in her life, and so much more. Tune in now to not miss out on all her juicy answers!

Questions answered in this episode:

2:00 – How do you cope in stressful times? 

2:30 – How do you use your inner voice in a workplace setting?

4:20 – Do you think we always carry the backpack of one or more things?

8:00 –  Have you ever thought about visiting Switzerland?

8:45 – Will you ever offer other mini experiments like playtime?

10:00 – Who composed the theme music to the podcast?

10:30 – My mind worries about abandonment often and struggle to listen to my inner voice on that topic. What does your inner voice have to say? 

13:00 – I’m curious what your inner voice says about the opinions going around about the vaccine?

15:45 – Do you have any theories on how releasing bean bags changes our brain on a neuroplastic level?

20:15 – Do you simply flow from one day to the next or do you ever plan ahead?

24:00 – Do you have a vision for your life overall? If so, did you develop this from your inner voice?

32:00 – Have you ever encountered an inner voice that was evil or had bad intentions? 

37:30 – Besides your inner voice, who else do you turn to for support on your relationship journey?