TLS #356:Nechama Wachsman: Using Your Inner Voice to Guide Your Birth + Parenting

Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show with Jess. This is her podcast producer, Chelsea, and I’m excited to announce the latest episode is an interview with Nechama Wachsman! In my opinion, it’s been too long since her last interview and I cannot tell you how much I missed tuning into Jess’s deep chats on listening, following, and cultivating our inner voice!

Nechama is a special human and relatable women who plays a crucial role in the Lively Community. She’s also an Inner Voice Facilitator, a rockstar mother of four beautiful children, and the loving wife of Abraham (who also plays an important role in the community!).

As you probably know, Jess doesn’t have kids of her own, but many people inside the community do! That’s why Jess thought it would be perfect to chat with Nechama on navigating birth and motherhood. In this episode, she shares life experiences on how she approaches both through listening, following, and trusting her inner voice.

I personally do not have kids, no plan to have kids, and yet I still found this episode to be extremely interesting and empowering. So no matter what life path your on, there will be some amazing golden nuggets I know you need to hear!