TLS #357: Gyan Gurung: The Evolution of Life, Career, and Relationships After IVFT

Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show with Jess. Guess what? We have another interview coming at you with Gyran Gurung. Believe it or not, Gyan’s inner voice is one of Jess’s favorite inner voices to hear. She has watched him evolve over the years since his IVFT and loves the evolution he has undergone. That’s why she wanted to bring him on the podcast: to share his journey from learning to cultivate his inner voice to living his life through it and how it has evolved every aspect of his life. Plus, you’ll hear a fun story on how Jess and Gyan flowed together (hint: it has something to do with a baby mango!). If you need some inspiration on how to trust your inner voice, Gyan is about to bring it to you!


What Gyan and Jess discuss:

2:15 – What inspired Gyan to do IVFT

8:45 – How Gyan’s career evolved after IVFT

14:45 – The deepest shift in Gyan’s life after IVFT

16:45 – The story of the “baby mango”

22:45 – Developing friendships with other Inner Voice Facilitators

25:30 – Allowing your inner voice to guide you in relationships

37:00 – How do you know if you should join IVFT?


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