TLS #360: Q&A: Using your Inner Voice to Navigate Current Events, 3 Things that Impacted Jess’ Spiritual Journey the Most, and Is Stress Necessary?

Brace yourself for another killer Q&A edition of the Lively Show! This is Chelsea, Jess’s podcast producer here and I don’t know about you, but these Q&As make my heart happy. This edition is quite timely as a few questions touch on what’s going on in the world (ie. Roe vs. Wade, the war in Ukraine) and how we can utilize our inner voice to navigate through this chaotic time. The advice Jess shares personally has helped me find some calm within the chaos.

Jess also answers a question about the top three most important things she has done on her spiritual and transformational journey. You definitely don’t want to miss out on how Jess answers this question! Plus, she also chats about bean bags (can’t have an episode without it!), what contrasts Jess is feeling right now, how she’s liking her new place with Atlas, and whether or not stress is beneficial or just unnecessary.  

Lastly, Jess has a very important announcement to make in this episode: Elevate with Intention has been going on over the last four weeks of June, and to say it’s been amazing is an understatement. Because of this, Jess is extending the class into July for an extra four weeks. This extension is available for both people who are taking it now and for people who haven’t signed up yet. If you didn’t attend in June, you will get the recordings for June so you can get caught up for July! Sign up here:

What Jess discusses:

00:00 – Announcements

3:30 – How to have a smoother experience of your day

5:30 – Tips on how to deal with what’s happening America/World right now

18:15 – What is Jess’s opinion on Roe vs. Wade being overturned?

20:00 – How is Jess making friends abroad?

22:00 – Releasing bean bags

24:00 – Where to go in Detroit?

30:00 – Is Jess feeling an contrast right now?

33:00 – How much people are loving Elevate 

34:00 – What is Jess reading/watching right now?

36:00 – Are you going to change your name to Bella?

38:00 – What impacted your spiritual journey the most?

41:45 – Does your inner voice provide guidance for others?

44:00 – How does Jess like her new place?

47:00 – What can we do to approach the war in Ukraine?

48:50 – Can stress be beneficial or is it unnecessary? 

50:00 – How can we reduce suffering on the planet?

54:45 – How do you know when it’s time to make a life pivot? 

58:00 – Should I do botox?

1:00:00 – Is there a podcast episode on learning to release bean bags?

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