TLS #361: Introducing “Unlimited Aligned Abundance,” two new Law of Attraction tips, and updates on my eyesight + skincare routine

This episode of the Lively show is quite different from the others since this is Jess skipping the regular Q&A style she usually does and instead, she’s talking with YOU about bits and bobs of things in her life now. This is Chelsea, Jess’s podcast producer and I know you are excited with this little flair cause I sure am! In this episode, Jess talks about a variety of topic ranging from metaphors to uplift our minds to *drum roll please* the birth of her NEW class. She goes into details about it and hints on the surprises in store for her students.

Jess also talks about how our inner thoughts echo into our reality and how to unblock the natural flow affecting our manifestations. She also touches on how our mind affects the alignment of life events. Jess then shares her skincare tips that she wishes she knew when she was still young and covers a “skin saver” website that helped her a lot in her journey to clear skin.

Lastly, she shares her current eye condition and how she adapts with its inconsistencies.

What Jess discusses:

0:00 – Announcements

2:15 – What’s in Jess’ new class?

8:25 – How frequencies echo into our reality?

17:18 – How does playing fetch with our mind change our reality?

23:06 When does not knowing become beautiful?

26:22 – How bumpy did my skin condition go?

29:48 – What skincare tips will Jess share to her younger self?

36:06 – Where did Jess find oil and Dimethicone free products?

38:11 – How Jess uses apple cider to help clear out her skin?

41:44 – How is Jess’ eyesight now?

49:01 – Why Jess enjoys wearing contacts now?

50:39 – What are the steps that helped Jess with her eye condition?

51:26 – How is Jess enjoying the Bella of her Life now?

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