TLS #362: Jess’ Inner Voice Answers Your Questions Today!

Welcome to a special episode of The Lively Show where Jess features her inner voice, Bella! She is back with her regular Q+A episode, but this time she answers YOUR questions using her inner voice, Bella. Also, Ella, TLS’ lovely team manager joins the show to help Jess navigate through your questions. Could this be the start of a regular Ella/Bella call segment? Who knows. *winks* This is Chelsea, Jess’s podcast producer and I know you’re going to love hearing from Bella and Ella just as much as I did!
Jess (or Bella rather) talks about alignment and manifesting abundance. She also talks about keeping relationships despite seeing through someone’s negative lenses. She also chats about depression and deep dives into the topic of non-physical dimension. Bella shares her thoughts about the aftereffects of intuition.
Lastly, Bella talks about healing and soothing the inner child.
What Jess discusses:
0:00 – Announcements
4:04 – Little story behind Jess’ inner voice — Bella
10:13 – How to get into alignment and manifest abundance when still releasing bean bags?
11:35 – How to keep the mind from chewing on something?
12:13 – How does Bella maintain a loving relationship despite a person’s inky darkness?
17:09 – Does Bella ever question the amount of food that she’s eating?
22:09 – Difference between cocoon and dragon phase, and being depressed
27:04 – How can manifesting affect reality? 
31:28 – Is it possible to tap into the non-physical dimension?
34:13 – Is the inner voice and soul the same? 
37:22 –  What are Bella’s thoughts on feeling guilty after following intuition?
40:51 – How to start healing and soothe the inner child?
42:36 – Bella’s encouragement

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