TLS #363: Meet the new Abundance class collaborators: my personal RTT hypnotherapist, astrologer & our IVFT beta grad!

Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show with Jess. As we know, Jess is thrilled to start her Unlimited Abundance class soon, and you can totally feel her overflowing energy and excitement radiating through this episode. This is her podcast producer, Chelsea, and I’m elated to announce that we are having not just one, but THREE guests for this episode and they happen to be part of Jess’ Unlimited Abundance class collaborators! 
These ladies have their own abundance strategy which they will share throughout this episode and in their respective workshops as part of the Unlimited Aligned Abundance class. Lauren talks about how we should look at money, while Maria shares using the inner voice and birth charts in building abundance. Lastly Rachel chats about regression. Plus, all of them share the changes that they have observed after following their respective strategies.
What Jess discusses: 
0:00 – Announcement
9:10 – How Lauren helps her clients
11:17 – How Lauren envisions the flow of her workshop
13:46 – Is Lauren’s workshop intended for entrepreneurs or people with job only?
14:41 – The changes that Lauren observed after releasing money bean bags
16:02 – How we should look at money
21:09 – How Maria started her astrology journey
23:27 – How Maria and Jess met
25:35 – What Maria will cover on Jess’ upcoming workshop
27:54 – How should one prepare for Maria’s workshop?
29:45 – Connection of the inner voice and intuition with every day life
30:11 – Changes that Maria saw while doing the Astrology Abundance strategy
33:25 – Birth charts and how it affects abundance
37:22 – Rachel’s businesses and her abundance strategy journey
38:51 – What Rachel will share in the Unlimited Align Abundance class
40:22 – Is group regression as effective as personal regression? 
41:53 – How long should they listen to the Rachel’s recording after the class?
43:04 – What are the changes that Rachel see after following her strategy?

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