TLS #364: Q&A: Knowing When to Let go, Non-Duality vs. Intuition, and Jess’ Book Recommendations

Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show with Jess. We are doing the usual Q+A TLS episode, and Jess is thrilled to connect with EVERYONE again. This is her podcast producer, Chelsea, and I’m excited for you to hear bits and pieces of Jess’ secret project centered in Lisbon. Also, who wants to see Jess vlog again? *raises hand* I do! 
In this episode, Jess also shares book recommendations both for leisure and about the “power of now”. She also talks about non-duality and its relation to our intuition and soul. Plus, she touches topics about relationship like handling arguments and knowing when to let go. She ponders as well if she will delve into vlogging soon. Lastly, Jess’ shares her favorite spots across Lisbon and London. 
2:11 – Books that resonated with Jess on the level of power of now
4:50 – Did Jess experience waking up with lots of bean bags from a frustrating dream? 
5:50 – Is it normal for the mind to have a fit?
7:00 – Is there a closure date for the Unlimited Aligned Abundance?
8:15 – How do we relate non-duality to intuition and the soul?
12:16 – Do Atlas and Jess still get into arguments?
14:19 – How does Jess know it’s time for her to let her romantic partners go?
23:30 – Jess’ new book recommendations
25:53 – Do humans always come to this world as humans? 
28:44 – Will Jess tryout vlogging? 
30:55 – What are Jess favorite neighborhoods in Lisbon and London?

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