TLS #365: Welcome to Season 9! My New Life Transition, Where I’m Going Next, a New Class on Body + More

Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show with Jess. We know that Jess has been away for weeks now — navigating her life in London, but she’s back with a huge life transition announcement. Can you guess what it is?!
In this episode, Jess talks about her big life transitions and how she is holding up. She also talks about her plans after her stay in London and discusses details of her new class. Then she answers YOUR questions about getting back on track after not feeling aligned, finding your way back into a place of peace, and finding alignment if there are time constraints. Lastly, she also talks about her thoughts about moving to London, her accent, skin care products, and laser eye correction procedures.
0:00 – Announcement
2:03 – What’s going on in Jess’ life now?
4:58 – How Jess feels when she watches other’s social media content
6:33 – What are Jess’ plans after her stay in London?
11:35 – How is Jess feeling now after her huge life transition?
14:01 – Unlimited Aligned Abundance as Evergreen course
16:58 – Details of Jess’ new class about body image
24:16 – Is Jess transitioning to Bella more?
25:47 – How to get into alignment and how do you feel when you get there?
31:40 – How to get back on track when you feel suddenly not in alignment and anxious?
34:08 – How do you get into a place of peace when things don’t go as planned?
35:03 – Is Jess considering moving to London?
41:48 – Has someone ever commented about Jess’ accent? 
44:29 – What Jess would tell to her younger self who might not be ready to receive the knowledge she has now 
46:45 – Bella’s thoughts on finding alignment as a working mother with time constraints?
48:37 – Jess course recommendations for someone who’s a “unicorn” but “rhinoceros-ing” in life
50:53 – Jess thoughts on laser eye correction
53:36 –  What are the skincare products Jess uses now? 
56:09 – Jess’ insights about hesitation in quitting work 
57:46 – How did Jess clear her acne?

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