TLS #366: Jess’ Personal Weight Struggle, How She Healed and Embodied Alignment

Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show with Jess! Jess skips her usual Q+A session, but discusses something NEW — details of her class: Embodied Alignment. This class is very personal to Jess and she’s very keen to get this started and shared with YOU.

In this episode, Jess takes a look back in her past and talks about her struggle with her weight for 9 YEARS. She talks about the extremes that she got into due to her weight obsession, the push and pull between calorie counting and binge eating, and then later on how she found peace with her body image. 
What Jess’ discuss:
1:11 – Jess’ next class — Embodied Alignment
2:14 – How Jess’ obsession with her weight started
10:33 – Jess’ transition from calorie counting to binge eating
11:07 – When did Jess figure out that she needed to start “The Lively Show”
14:53 – Jess’ binge eating phase 
21:19 – Jess’ battle against her weight obsession
25:53 – What are the changes that Jess made to help her with her weight obsession
27:07 – Why did Jess decide to start her new class
34:23 – Who should take this class
36:09 – Details of the Embodied Alignment class register at: 

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