TLS #306: The Lively TV Show 2: Self Love, Trouble With Inner Voice, Patience & Pregnancy

Today we are releasing episode 2 of TLS TV on the podcast and YouTube! In today’s show we are doing inner voice work with three new guests, plus we are releasing the tickets for the next taping of TLS TV on April 6th in Pittsburgh!

If you’re intuition feels it’s a fit, you can buy your ticket to join us, meet other Lively community members, and potentially become a guest on the show here.

Today’s episode has three guests on three different topics around self love and timing. In our first segment we work with Mary, who has trouble separating her mind’s answers from her inner voice. Then, we speak with Sarah, who knows what her next career project may be, but has resistance in the mind determining the timing and what next steps to take. And lastly, we work with Emily, an expectant mother who is looking to raise her child with as much self-love as possible to role model for her in the best possible way.

Let’s go to the show. : )

Feel free to dive in on the audio-only podcast as usual, or head over to watch the new video version on YouTube!






  • Hot Seat Guest #1: Mary wants something more in her life and is having trouble keeping her mind quiet when trying to listen for her inner voice answers.

  • Hot Seat Guest #2: Sarah is a life coach who wants to share her personal story with her audience. This desire turns into a lesson in patience.

  • Hot Seat Guest #3: Emily, at six months pregnant, wants to be an example of self love for her baby, but her mind is struggling to find the feelings.









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