TLS #308: TLS TV 4: A-ha Moments From Group Inner Voice Work & Questions for Jess

Today’s show is our final episode of Season 1 of TLS TV! Feel free to listen via podcast or watch via YouTube as we share the insights that Lively audience members received from doing inner voice work as groups!

Using inner voice in groups of 5-6 people has become a new fascination for me, ever since we tried it in a live workshop last year. The results have been surprising and profound. By hearing the takeaways, I hope it encourages others to consider making groups of 2-6 people to try this as well online or in person, too!

Plus, in the second half of the show, we also share the ‘after glow’ conversation. The after glow was a post-show chance to stick around and talk candidly with me about any insights they had or ask questions they’ve wanted to run by me.

Let’s go to the show. : )







The Lively TV Show Episode 4






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