TLS #205: How my travel approach & packing has changed

Today on The Lively Show I’m chatting about some shifts I’ve noticed over the past month that have occurred in my travel philosophy.

My initial desires and packing list was somewhat different than it is now, 10.5 months into full-time travel. I’m sharing what has changed, and what has stayed the same.

Plus, I’m talking about the concept of identity and whether it’s truly useful… or whether it holds us back.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested to hear how my travel approach has changed or for anyone looking to think about the concept of identity in a new way.







  • Why the Tropical Think Tank Conference was “path directing” to me.

  • What my travel, process and packing have changed in me over the last few months.

  • What I did in the first three to six months of travel and my recommendations for those traveling in a similar timeframe.

  • What has stayed consistant during travel in regards to my travel philosophy and methods during that time.

  • Why I focus only on one season of clothing in my wardrobe at one time.

  • My reasons that a limited color pallet works great for my wardrobe while traveling

  • Why full-size toiletries became an important addition to my traveling life.

  • What has changed lately from the beginning of this year to the more recent weeks.

  • How I add little touches of home wherever I go to live, since it brings me joy.

  • My thoughts about my identity and how travel has had an impact on it.

  • Why I broke my reliance on routine for happiness and instead, just go with the flow.

  • Where I’m heading to next in this next phase of my life.




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  1. Taylor Carroll

    Jess! Your show has really helped enhance my quality of life and general happiness. Thanks for doing what you do! Great show 🙂

  2. Bobbiejean

    The thought of a color palette is something new to me! I should have paused, which colors did you say: black, denim, white, pink (and grey?)

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