trust the process (free september wallpaper)

[Full-size desktop wallpaper (small font)][Full-size desktop wallpaper (large font)]

Last week Arianna Belle of Organized Interiors commented on my Living Life with Open Hands post with the quote above by Alexandra Stoddard that she had turned into a beautiful image.

I loved the quote so much that I asked her if I could make it our free September wallpaper. Thankfully, she said yes and I now have a full-size desktop wallpaper with small and large font to share.

Original image by Arianna Belle.

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  1. Sydney

    so great! Perfect way to start off a new school year for me, letting flow FLOW haha. Thanks!

  2. lucy

    I haven’t changed since ‘what is your intention: go do that” but this one warranted a new desktop- thanks!

  3. Kristin

    I love this quote. This is a great life mantra…especially for someone like me who wants everything to be in order ASAP. My other little mantra for myself is “so have no envy and no fear” from Joshua Radin’s song. I think this might be my favorite wallpaper so far!

  4. Jess

    So happy you all are enjoying the new background! And I thank Arianna again for designing such a beautiful quote :).

  5. I *love* that. It is now my background, too! Thank you to Jess and Arianna! This is such an important reminder for me.

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