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In the journey to makeunder and design a life with intention, there needs to be intrinsic motivation to create change. Once that internal urge is secured, the next step is to find ways to capture that gut feeling. Just putting the intention into words or images makes the likelihood of success more probable.

Throughout my experience with intentions and making under my life, I have found the four best methods to turn my intentions into reality. Hop over to Jill’s blog, The Good Life For Less (from my recent DESIGN YOUR LIFE interview) to read the full scoop.

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  1. Absolutely Not Martha

    i just read your interview–so smart, jess. i love the ‘wwjd’ mantra!

  2. Kotori

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog – love yours. You are so talented and I love how you support so many different causes through your jewelry! such a wonderful idea.

  3. Jess Constable

    @Absolutely: Totally try a similar WWJD (What would Jennifer (Aniston) Do) mantra, it really made a difference in my closet but was not always easy.

    @Kotori: I am glad you like my work and support the causes as well. It is a lot of fun to blend volunteering with my work- truly a win-win for everyone.

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