TLS 222: The two biggest fears of the ego & intuition (and why they cause so much stress in our lives)

In today’s Lively Show I am exploring what I believe to be the two biggest fears we have – one from the ego and one from the intuition.

Not surprisingly, these two fears contradict one another, which is why I believe there can feel like so much inherent stress in our lives on many levels. In the episode, we’ll discuss what a solution to find peace within these two points of views and sets of fears.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to understand the tension between the drives of the ego and intuition, and how to dissolve them step by step.







  • The theory that astrophysicists believe in which is the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate.

  • What the trans-rational theory is that we are just one small part of the universe’s ecosystem.

  • Why the lack of growth is so painful.

  • Why the non-physical experiences we have are peaceful and positive.

  • What and why the two greatest fears are not expanding in our lives and the lack or growth and uncertainty.

  • How we can reconcile those fears, and how writing to your intuition can help makes sense of all of this.

  • Breaking down the intuition in small parts to discover more about ourselves.

  • Why we need to do everything in alignment and how being in joy is the path for growth.




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Abraham Hicks

Writing to your Intuition

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  1. Jess, did you ever consider that “Joe” might actually be “Jo”, the Scottish word for sweetheart or lover, also a term of endearment akin to dear or darling? This is the treasured nickname my adored Grandma Kathryn used to call me and my husband calls me today.

    I’ve listened to several past podcasts where you exclaim that you can’t believe your intuition is a guy named Joe. Perhaps your intuition is really Jo, a female after all!!!

  2. Stephanie Lentz

    Listening to that was in itself, an amazing experience.
    Thank you Jess, and thank you universe, for leading me to your show.

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