TLS #55: the science behind gratitude with UJ Ramdas (The Five Minute Journal) & The Lively Show Superfan Giveaway


Today is an exciting Lively Show day.

I not only have an inspiring guest to share with you, UJ Ramdas, co-author of The 5 Minute Journal (my new favorite thing!), but I also have a Lively Show Superfan Giveaway for The 2014 Week of Giving!


About The Lively Show Superfan Giveaway

Today’s Week of Giving giveaway includes items from many of The Lively Show 2014 guests!

We’re picking two winners to win the following 25+ items that were generously gifted by the Lively Show guests.

We have books, headphones, financial consults, cookbooks, blogging and online courses, prints, and more (see all the details below).


About UJ Ramdas



UJ Ramdas is the co-author of The Five Minute Journal. He and his friend, Alex Ikonn, created this popular journal with a combination of behavioral science and their own personal wellbeing practices.

In the show, we talk about how the journal was designed, UJ’s other favorite ways to start and end his day intentionally, and what he’s learned since recovering from a recent accident in Bali.





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In this episode you’ll find out about


  • Scroll below to find out more details about the Lively Show Superfan Giveaway (and how to enter).
  • How studying behavioral change and working in a behavioral change clinic helped set the early seeds for the journal in UJ’s mind.
  • How UJ met his co-founder, Alex Ikonn, of Intelligent Change and co-author if The 5 Minute Journal.
  • The science behind the questions presented in the journal.
  • The one change UJ wished he could make for the journal, that wasn’t agreed up in the feedback he received.
  • UJ’s perspective on ignorance.
  • UJ’s morning routine and the importance of functional movement.
  • How UJ is processing his near-death motorbike accident.
  • What UJ would tell someone just starting out on this journey.


Show Notes


The Five Minute Journal

Luxy Hair

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


The Lively Show Superfan Giveaway Includes




1. TLS #2, Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant

A Year Of Cookies!  Jessica’s E-cookbook of delicious plant based cookie recipes.


2. TLS #6 , Michelle Ward of When I Grow Up

An Effective Escape, Michelle’s Ebook about how she left her corporate job and steps you can take to do the same.


3.  TLS #7, Danielle Moss of The Everygirl

Faith Print, An awesome 8x 10 print from an Everygirl Feature with Abby Larson.


4.  TLS #8, Kim Vargo of Yellow Brick Home

Paris Print, A beautiful 8x 10 print from under the Eiffel Tower (Kim took this photo while she and her husband were in Paris with Scott and I for our wedding!)


5. TLS #10, Dana Schultz from the Minimalist Baker

31 Meals Cookbook, Dana’s e-cookbook compiles 31 of her healthy, simple and delicious recipes.


6. TLS #11, Gala Darling of

Radical Self Love Bible SchoolGala’s 3 month program to help you unlock your creative side.


7. TLS #12, Amber Housley of

A custom address stamp made just for you!


8. + 9. TLS #16 , Lindsay Ostrum from A Pinch of Yum

1 Year subscription to Food Blogger Pro, a membership site with over 300 tutorials to sharpen your blogging skills and other handy tools +  Tasty Food Photography, Lindsay’s ebook all about taking your food photos to the next level.


10. TLS #18 , Noah Kagan of licenses, access to tech stuff to help your blog grow.


11. TLS #19 , Esme Wang of

Work, Rest, Love art print, a gorgeous inspirational print Esme created.


12. TLS #20 , Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker

Homemade Decadence, Joy’s second cookbook filled with 125 sweet treats any home cook can make.


13. + 14. TLS #23 , Rachel MacDonald of In Spaces Between

Spirited and the Spirited 2014 Companion, Rachel and co-writer Tara Bliss ebook with stories of their own and a workbook for you, along with the companion to help you implement inspiration into your own life.


15.  TLS #24 , Mary Beth Storjohann of Workable Wealth

A 90 Minute Financially Focused coaching session with Mary Beth to talk through your current financial situation, goals.


16. TLS #26 ,Whitney English of

The 2015 Day Designer, a revolutionary day planner created to help you design a life you love.


17. TLS #31 , Jess Lively of

Be Brave Print, A Jess Lively intention print made in collaboration with illustrator Becky Murphy.


18. TLS #33 , Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

Creative Inc, Joy’s book on everything you need to know to start a freelance business.


19. TLS #40, Lara Casey of

Make it Happen, Lara’s book on her journey through perfectly, imperfect life.


20. TLS #42 ,Corbett Barr of

3 month Fizzle membership, Fizzle is Jess’ favorite resource for business training and community.


21. TLS #44, Jen Gotch of Ear Buddies,  These fun and unique ear buds will have you listening to The Lively Show in style!


22. + 23. TLS #49, Courtney Carver from Be More with Less

Mini-missions for Simplicity, Courtney’s ebook on actions you can take to improve your life and her micro-course: How to Create a Meaningful Morning Routine a short course to help you create a morning routine with purpose.


24. TLS #48, Brooke White of The Girls with Glasses Show

Brooke’s CDs: White Christmas, Undercover, and High Hopes and Heartbreak.


25. TLS #55, UJ Ramdas of The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journalan amazing tool to help you anchor your mornings and end your day mindfully.



How to Enter the Giveaway


  1. Follow me @jessclively on Instagram.
  2. Share a picture on Instagram of where you listen to The Lively Show and tag the photo with #thelivelyshow.  You have until Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 11:59 PM CST to post your picture to enter the SuperFan Giveaway.
  3. I will be randomly selecting 2 winners and will let you know who the winners are during the show on Tuesday, December 22, 2014.


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  1. joanna

    Do we have to be in the picture or is it just the space where we listen?

  2. Leanne

    Another great podcast! Thanks so much! And what a great giveaway! I don’t have Instagram (sniff sniff!) the winner will be super happy! lol

  3. Loved learning about the 5 minute journal!! I’m going to have to get my hand on a few of those to give to my favorite people! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!! So generous of you and all of your presenters! I posted on Instagram showing the place I listen to The Lively Show the most: in my yellow VW Bug. 🙂

    1. Amen! They make AMAZING gifts!

      Thank you for sharing your super cute Lively Show listening spot, too. : )

      Happy holidays!

  4. gret mackintosh

    What a great idea! Going to order a 5 minute journal for myself and one for my sister for her birthday! I just love your podcasts – no matter what the topic, I learn something from every single one. Thank you!

    1. That’s so wonderful to hear, Gret! I hope you and your sister enjoy the journal as much as I do. : )

  5. Dara

    Wow, what a great interview!! This especially struck a cord with me at the end when he talked about the emotional toll from his accident and even made me tear up a little. I fell off a cliff on Mount St Helens while mountain biking in 2006 and broke my hip My body healed very quickly, I was back on my bike in two months, but I’ve been carrying around this emotional baggage from the accident. About a year ago, I realized what a toll it had taken on me emotionally and began working on the healing process. It was good to hear someone else’s journey with a similar story. Anyway, I stumbled on your podcast last summer and so look forward to every episode!

    1. I’m so glad you caught this show since it has such special significance for you. I can imagine that it must be so tough to work through the emotions that come with an injury like that. Thank you for sharing!

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