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I last shared about working with “my partner,” Mr. (Ben) Franklin about six months ago. And since one of the themes from the feedback was “more Franklin, please!” I’ve decided to create a little update and photo montage.

In my February recap, I told how he had gotten much better (he was a little terror terrier in the beginning), but still had a long way to go. Now that he’s almost a year old (his birthday is September 3rd), I can safely say that he has calmed down even more.

Working with him lately has been much more enjoyable. And though I’m sure he would love to continue to go to day care twice a week to play with his friends, it is becoming less and less necessary for my sanity.

This summer we have also made several trips to the dog beach. Though I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he loves swimming, I do think it’s something he’s excited and willing to attempt. Seeing all of the bigger dogs out in the water makes him want to get better.

In fact, going to the dog beach has quickly become one of my favorite things to do this summer, too. I get ridiculously excited when he starts paddling out to me in the “deeper” parts of the water. (Plus, though Franklin has always preferred Mr. Lively, I think my trips to the puppy beach with him have been winning me brownie points.)

I cannot wait to see how he continues to evolve and mature. He’s now an essential part of our family and I am so happy he is in our life. Though he certainly was not easy in the beginning, his personality in the recent months has proved to be well worth the puppy phase.

And, as promised, here’s a little montage of the pup through the first 10 months.




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  1. Jess

    well that’s encouraging…hopefully our new rescue settles down eventually too, because right now? Oh. Em. Gee.

    1. Yes! I can totally relate. If you have a terrier mix especially. For us, I think 9 months was a turning point! Hang in there!!!

      1. Jess

        Elly’s a treeing walker coonhound and somewhere between 1-2 years old, but I get the sense there hasn’t been a lot of consistency in her life at all, so here’s hoping…

        1. I see. I hope so, too! It sounds like you guys are doing your best, so I hope that helps her get settle in over time.

  2. Sarah van Loon

    I can’t get over how cute and photogenic he is! Adorable!!

  3. Richele

    What a cutie! I understand- that puppy phase can be hair pulling but once you get through it . . . you can’t imagine the family without the little pup!

  4. Victoria B

    Aw! I love this post and it makes me miss our family Westie! Especially because his birthday was in September as well. But he HATED water. He was terrified of the pool and used to run and hide when he heard the laundry room sink turn on (aka his bath). Ours definitely calmed down as he got older, which I personally preferred. He lived to be 17! What a trooper. Aw I love him and miss him. Franklin is such a good looking Westie too! I love that picture in the middle! How many pounds does he weigh? 16 or so?

    1. Aw, hello, fellow Westie lover!

      Our family westie, Mackenzie, hates water too. We had a boat growing up and she loved it, except the swimming part. I hope she lives to 17 too! (She’s now 13.)

      Yes, Franklin is about 18 pounds now. Mr. Lively keeps feeding him a little extra at dinner because he wants him to weigh 20 pounds and ‘be a big dog’ like his father was. But we shall see!

  5. Kimberly Anne

    Awwww! He’s growing up! My husband and I have a miniature poodle, Khloe, and she was sooooo hard to deal with when she was a baby. She just turned 2 in June, and although she has a lot of energy still, she is at least manageable.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel! My grandparents have always had mini-poodles too. They have a lot of energy, but they are sooo smart!

  6. Nora

    i throw my maltese, lola in my parent’s pool. she relaxes on her own float and sun bathes. rough life! 🙂

  7. Oh, the cuteness! I love the company of my furry coworker, Skyla. She went out into the water for the first time last week. She’s testing her limits, and I really hope she becomes a water dog like the other dogs at the beach.

    1. I know how you feel! I wish Franklin was a bit friendlier about the water. Maybe the more we bring them there, the more they will like it?

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